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What are personal values?

Great question. It is good to know what personal values are, before you jump right in to the test.

Personal values ​​are what people consider important in life.

They affect our choices and can say a lot about ourselves. Although not everyone is aware of their values, they are always present in life and become visible in our attitude to the world around us and behavior in the face of various everyday situations.

Why is knowledge of your personal values so beneficial?

Life satisfaction depends on integrity of our daily choices with our personal values.

If you live in accordance with your core values, you feel fulfillment and satisfaction. You experience the exact life you really want.

When you are often forced to act against your personal values, you will feel an internal conflict. It can give you an impression that you are not the best version of yourself.

How to do the personal values test?

Since we already know what benefits life brings in line with our own values. Now you probably wonder how to define them.

The personal values test ​​created by us comes with help. It is divided into two stages. After completing it you will get an ordered list of your top five most important values. The higher the position on the list, the greater the importance of the value.

The first stage is about selecting at least 10 values ​​from the list. Choose the values that resonate with you. Select as many as you need, but remember that the more values you choose, the longer the next stage of the test will take.

The second stage involves comparing pairs of values ​​with each other and assigning them the right position on the list. Do not rush at this stage. Give yourself time to think.

Helpful tip: you can use the 'left' and 'right' arrows to select values.